Studio Rules

Pets allowed (Please consult with us beforehand)
No Smoking/Vaping
Alcohol allowed (Please consult with us beforehand)
No drugs or illegal activities
DO NOT go into the back closet – nothing secretive, just lots of storage.
DO NOT change the temperature on the thermostat.
DO NOT punch, slap, kick bang or lean heavy items against the walls- they are brand new and we want to treat them well. Any damages to the walls may begin at $300.
COUCH – No topless drinks (other than water) on the couch
Leave space as you found it.
NOISE — We allow music playback — but at a respectable level. NO EXCESSIVELY LOUD MUSIC
SECURITY CAMERAS – We have security cameras inside and outside the space, please use the restroom or the conference room for changing.
DAMAGES – You will be accounted and charged for any and all damages to the space, equipment, or furniture.
INJURIES – We are not liable for injuries and renter takes full responsibility
SIDEWALK – Please do not block the sidewalk as we have wonderful neighbors and community members that we want to respect.
BACK DOOR – Back door may be opened. Please make sure you close it at the end of booking.
PARKING – Parking is available in the plaza where the studio is located.
We reserve all rights to take and share behind the scenes photo(s) of whatever shoot is happening on our property, for the promotion of our location
TRASH – Clean up and remove all trash at the end of your booking (this includes food and drink you may have left in the fridge). A dumpster is available in the parking lot across from The Estate.
PLEASE NOTE: All booking start and end times are inclusive of setup and tear down time. After your booking ends we do have a 15 minute grace period to finish resetting the room – if you exceed those 15 minutes you will be invoiced for an additional hour.
All ages are allowed in the space but renters take on full responsibility on verifying the actual age of individuals who they are photographing an/or filming and complying with all of Florida Laws
Production insurance is not required
Furniture and decorations may be moved – but please do a light reset upon your exit.
Plants could be moved gently with care.
We are not responsible for any lost / stolen / damaged equipment during your booking
Fog / Smoke machines allowed
No full Nudity allowed
No Pornography of any kind